Aug 2023 Welcome Sarah, who is starting her Ph.D. journey in our lab this Fall. Great achievements await!

Aug 2023 Jade and Hank have joined our lab as UAP undergraduate scholars. Welcome!

Aug 2023 Erica has graduated with her B.S. degree in chemistry from GSU and has now embarked on her Ph.D. journey. Best of
luck Erica!

Jun 2023 Check out our recently published article on the photoelectron spectroscopy of oppostively charged molecular switches
in solution here.

Apr 2023 Congratulations to Erica for winning the best poster award at the 2023 LSAMP symposium and the Al Baumstark
Undergraduate Research Award!

Mar 2023 Vy has joined our lab for her M.S. thesis project. Welcome Vy!

Feb 2023 Our paper on spectral tuning of iLOV, a flavin-binding fluorescent protein, has been published. Check it out!

Feb 2023 Pabel Kabir has just defended his Ph.D., making him the first Ph.D. to graduate from our lab! He is now a postdoc with
Dr. Fang Liu at Emory.

Jan 2023 Ngan and Stephen have joined the Ph.D. program at GSU. Stay tuned to learn about their achievements!

Aug 2022 Our collaboration with the Kaiser lab (UH Manoa) was published on the front back cover of PCCP. Check out the paper!

May 2022 James has graduated with his B.S. dual degree in chemistry and physics from GSU and has embarked on his Ph.D.
journey. Best of luck James!

May 2022 Our lab had a blast at the CGSA Spring Symposium, where Ngan presented her research on "Benchmarking the Effect
of Solvent models on Chemical Property Simulations" and Pabel won a poster award!

Apr 2022 Congrats to Pabel on receiving the prestigious Provost’s Dissertation Fellowship at GSU!

Apr 2022 James just received three awards in a row this month! The Robert H. Hankla Award, the Al Baumstark Undergraduate
Research Award, and the ACS Award in Physical Chemistry. Congrats James!

Mar 2022 Check out this work published with the Olivucci Lab on how excited-state population spolitting modulates Rhodopsin's
quantum efficiency (link).

Jan 2022 This semester we are excited to welcome several new members into our lab! Postdoctoral researcher Paulami, M.S.
students Ngan, Stephen, and Wilson, and Undergraduates Britton and Erica.

Jan 2022 Can we compare computed oscillator strengths with experimental UV-visible absorption intensities? And how accurate
are computed strengths? See our recent benchmark study published in J. Phys. Chem. A.

Nov 2021 Congratulations Jorge for being appointed as an MBD PhD fellow!

Aug 2021 Check out some of our collaborative work published this year on flavins and flavoproteins:

Aug 2021 Congrats to Nabi and Astrid on their upcoming M.S. graduation! Astrid has accepted a fellowship at the CDC Division
of Laboratory Sciences, while Nabi will be pursuing a Ph.D. at UC Riverside!

Jul 2021  Congrats James on receiving an LSAMP fellowship!

Jul 2021  Congrats to Nabi for  defending his M.S. Thesis!

Jun 2021  Congrats to Yoelvis, who has accepted a position as a Machine Learning Engineer at Intrinio. Best of luck Yoelvis!

Jun 2021  Congrats to Astrid for defending her M.S. Thesis!

Jun 2021  See our Software Focus on the ezSpectra suite in WIREs Comp. Mol. Sci. Link.

May 2021  Congrats to Nicole for graduating with her M.S. degree!

May 2021  Pabel has received a second award, the Harry P. Hopkins Jr. Scholarship in Physical Chemistry at GSU. Congrats
again Pabel!

Apr 2021  Pabel received the MBD Outstanding Fellow Award. Congrats Pabel!

Dec 2020  Congrats to Mahbub for defending his M.S. thesis and graduating with his M.S. Degree!

Jul 2020  "Probing the Electronic Structure of Bulk Water at the Molecular Length Scale with Angle-Resolved Photoelectron
Spectroscopy", featured as a cover on J. Phys. Chem. Lett.!


May 2020 Nicolas graduated with his M.S. degree. Congrats Nick!

Apr 2020 Congratulations to Mahbub for being awarded the Chemistry Master's Gold Award!

Apr 2020 Congratulations to Rebecca for receiving a Graduate Teaching Award. Well done!

Jan 2020 Astrid officially joins the lab for her M.S. thesis!

Dec 2019 Xuan, Vy, Tomas, and Astrid all graduated with their B.Sc. in Chemistry this Fall. Congrats all!

Dec 2019 Rebecca is the first to graduate with her M.S. from our lab. Congratulations Rebecca!

Aug 2019  We welcome two new graduate students, Jorge and Nabi.

Jun 2019  Two of our publications were recently featured as covers!

May 2019  Pabel has received a fellowship from the GSU MBD program. Congrats Pabel!

May 2019  Xuan Nguyen joins our group as an MBD Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow.

Apr 2019  Congrats to Rebecca for winning the outstanding TA and outstanding undergrad researcher awards at CGSA!

Feb 2019  Nicolas joins the group!

Feb 2019  Our collaboration with the Gadda group has been published in ChemBioChem.

Aug 2018  Nicole joins the group for her M.S. thesis.

May 2018  Rebecca and Mahbub officially join the group!

April 2018  Rebecca receives the LSAMP fellowship to do research in our group!

April 2018  Atif wins outstanding student poster presentation award at GACBS. Congrats!

Oct 2017  How complicated can a double-bond isomerization be? See our new Chemical Review article on double-bond
isomerization in biological photoreceptors. Link.

Oct 2017  Dr. Yoelvis Orozco-Gonzalez joins the lab. Welcome Yoelvis!

Oct 2017  The paper with Shcherbakova et al. was just featured as a Spotlight and is on the front cover of JACS!

Aug 2017 Atif Niaz joins the group for postbacc research.

Aug 2017 A collaboration with Prof. Pavel Anzenbacher at BGSU on sensing drugs of abuse was published in JACS. Link.

Aug 2017 Mohammad Pabel Kabir joins the team to pursue his Ph.D.

Aug 2017 Samer joins the faculty at Georgia State University.

Aug 2017 Website launched!

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