May 2022 Our lab had a blast at
the CGSA Spring Symposium,
where Ngan presented her
research on "Benchmarking the
Effect of Solvent models on
Chemical Property Simulations"
and Pabel won a poster award!

Apr 2022 Congrats to Pabel on
receiving the prestigious Provost’s
Dissertation Fellowship at GSU!

Apr 2022 James just received
three awards in a row this month!
The Robert H. Hankla Award, the
Al Baumstark Undergraduate
Research Award, and the ACS
Award in Physical Chemistry.
Congrats James!

A research group at Georgia State University developing and applying
computational tools to study electronically excited chemical and
biological systems. See links below for more information.

Science Annex 504 and Natural Science Center 418
Department of Chemistry, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 30303.
Phone: (404)413-5569.
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