Apr 2023 Congratulations to Erica
for winning the best poster award
at the 2023 LSAMP symposium!

Feb 2023 Our paper on spectral
tuning of iLOV, a flavin-binding
fluorescent protein, has been
published. Check it out!

Feb 2023 Pabel Kabir has just
defended his Ph.D., making him
the first Ph.D. to graduate from
our lab! He is now a postdoc with
Dr. Fang Liu at Emory.

Jan 2023 Ngan and Stephen
have joined the Ph.D. program at
GSU. Stay tuned to learn about
their achievements!

A research group at Georgia State University developing and applying
computational tools to study electronically excited chemical and
biological systems. See links below for more information.

Science Annex 504 and Natural Science Center 418
Department of Chemistry, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 30303.
Phone: (404)413-5569.
Thank you to funding from: